Hey, I just wanted to message you and say a massive thank you! I purchased the Breastie and Colostrum kit before baby was born and it has been a lifesaver! I had so much colostrum to take up to the hospital and the Midwives absolutely loved the kit. The Breastie has been a savior. My stash is incredible and my milk has only been in for eight days. Thank you for creating products to make the newborn life and breast feeding journey a little bit easier.


I’m a first time Mum and our breast-feeding journey has been pretty easy, but six weeks in I wanted to increase my stockpile and could only express up to 1oz at a time. After trying a couple of brands, I could not look past these made to milk cookies, they look delicious! So I had to buy all three flavors, and the Boobie Busters! And I’m so glad that I did because they taste amazing! My milk supply has increased drastically, now expressing well over 2oz each time… Now we’re ready for dad to take on some of the feeds!


I purchased the white chocolate and macadamia and I was blown away by how delicious they were! The best part was my milk supply increased on day 2! I now just eat one a day and still notice an increase in my supply, this makes both Mama and baby VERY happy! Thank you so much Made to Milk!


Just wanted to say, I've noticed such a difference in my supply this week after getting the Boobie Busters! Always so amazed!


My beautiful friend ordered me two packets to cheer me up the other day. I ate two cookies, and pumped and got heaps more milk as of today day 3 of eating one in the morning and one at night I am 5 feeds ahead usually I am lucky to be one feed ahead so I'm very excited. They are packaged beautifully too.


After trying lactation cookies previously to help deal with low supply, I thought I would give Made to Milk a try and I was really very surprised by how fantastic they taste and how well they work! I was able to express over double the amount I was expressing previously and they taste absolutely delicious!


LOVE these! I ordered the milk chocolate chip to try expecting them to be good but they were 100x better than I could have hoped for! Made to Milk has totally nailed the recipe - the supply boost was a nice little bonus too. My toddler loves them too!


I bought some boobie busters and cookie mix to make myself and they taste amazing and are very easy to make! I have to limit myself to two cookies a day otherwise I eat too many and have too much milk!


AH-MAZ-ING!! Seriously these are sooo delicious!!! And they boosted my milk supply nicely. I loved them all!


These are so yummy and better tasting (& better for you) than a number of competitors that use a lot of sugar to hide the taste of the brewers yeast. They are helping my supply when it has been low recently due to stress and illness & are a good snack when I'm running short on time!


I had baby 12 days ago early in the morning. Got home in the afternoon and my sister in law had made me a fresh batch (she swears by them). I had like 3 and the following day I felt like my boobs were growing but it wasn't milk yet, it was colostrum. Baby was very happy and I was amazed that it even helped my supply of colostrum. Two days later, in the afternoon, it looked like my milk was coming in. My boobs were massive and baby couldn't keep up! I've had to cut back eating so many (they are really addictive) because I would wake up in a puddle of milk. So I'm having no more than 1 a day now. I love these cookies!! They are seriously delicious and it's nice to know so early on in breastfeeding that if I start to dry up, I'll just up the intake.
Love love love!! These cookies are magic!


I am so happy with how these have been working for me and it's been less than 24 hrs. After never having problems with my supply I started getting a bit worried that my milk was drying up when my son would wake every 2 hrs during the night when he had previously been such a good night sleeper. I was worried that he wasn't getting enough milk. I managed to get my hands on some packet mixes (which are amazing because it doesn't take long to make at all! ) I had 2 cookies last night and 1 this morning and now when I just started feeding had to change positions because of the puddle of milk we were both in. I even managed to get a solid 5.5hr sleep last night ! I couldn't be more happier with the result! All my milk supply problems solved with cookies. Who would've thought! 


My baby is 8 months old and lately seems to be going through a crazy growth spurt and my body has been struggling to keep up with the demand. I've been eating these cookies and I can't believe how well they work! They give me a much needed boost and it's the best feeling ever when your baby has a really satisfying feed and gets that "milk drunk" look again. Thanks Made to Milk for creating a lactation cookie that works and actually tastes really yummy!


An amazing growing company. Really tasty easy to bake cookie mixes that don't cost the earth! Thank you for getting me through a really tough period of breast feeding. Thanks to you I'm still going strong!


I used Boobie busters for months, after just one week of them I was so impressed! I would definitely recommend these to other mothers.


Amazing! So delicious! Can't wait to try all the different flavours! The choc chip ones are devineeee! My friend ordered two packets and had them sent to me, but I will definitely be ordering some more before this lot runs out! (So much better value for money than some other lactation cookie companies too!)


First cookie had my supply boosted. I haven't woken up this full consistently since the first few weeks, baby is loving the extra milk.


After trying lactation cookies previously to help deal with low supply, I thought I would give Made to Milk a try and I was really very surprised by how fantastic they taste and how well they work! I was able to express over double the amount I was expressing previously and they taste absolutely delicious!


I purchased the milk chocolate chip cookies and white chocolate & macadamia cookies. I have to control myself & limit to 2 a day (quickly running out, ha ha).
I've found my supply has increased as well, so I'm looking forward to pumping again.
Thank you!